2 Hours/6kms

Easy Level

In this proposal we will consider the use of the bike, but its focus is on the boat tour.
The tour will allow a perspective forward to the town of Valada that dazzles us with its architecture and riverfront as well as the visit to the charms of the river.

* To ensure the tour on the river, contact:

Valada do Ribatejo
(+351) 917 204 758


Exit the Marchanta through the gate on the river side, turning to the right with the dam on your left. The route will always be straight ahead along the narrow tar road, on the way to Valada at 2,5kms.
A small warning for a situation to take into account, midway, where the road lined the Epal facilities. At this point you can choose the route by the road, where you have to take into account that the traffic is done in both directions and the road is narrow, or you can choose to go on the top of the dam, but where you have to take into account a pillar at the entrance and the exit of this route. After going through this place, go ahead until Valada where we are going to delight with the view.

We are getting to Valada, to the rossio of the village, where it began. A ramp takes us up to the dike where we can stop to interpret what we see. On the right side we have a church of the thirteenth century, in the same place where a small castle once existed, when the Tagus River defined the southern border of Portugal.

The two great historical landmarks of this village were the “Peace Agreement of Valada” agreement signed between the Portuguese kingdom and the Castilian kingdom in the fourteenth century; and the “Kilometer launched of Valada”, one of the first car races that happened in the country, and that had the presence of the king in 1906.

On the side of the river, where once were a river port, there is now a marina where several boats dock. Let’s move on through the top of the dam, bypassing the portals from time to time.

Let’s take the opportunity to go down to the coffee shop just after the marina. Here we take contact with the locals and who knows, we will hear stories of the great cyclist Alfredo Trindade, twice winner of the Tour of Portugal.

Leaving the coffee shop, we go towards the marina where we will leave the bicycles.

Here we will take the boat for the tour in the river.

Our return will be the same way.